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Welcome! You have come across the Woods of the Wilds. We are an active Wolf RPG pack. We allow differences in our canids such as stranger pelt colouration. If you would like to join us, fill out the form in the "Joining" section and email it to one of our staff.
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 RolePlay Rules

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PostSubject: RolePlay Rules   Fri May 18, 2012 8:04 pm

You must follow these rules at all times when roleplaying.

1. Unrealistic markings and colours are allowed. No superpowers or wings e.t.c. Other than colours, please be as realistic as possible.

2. Posts must always be in 3rd person past tense. Don't write posts like, "I sit down and look around the area as I hoped to catch some other wolf about the land." Instead, write posts like this. "*name* sat down and looked around the area as he/she stared off into the endless sea of the green pines. He/She hoped he would catch another pack member wandering about the territory."

3. You are allowed to have fights with other members, but you have to be fair, and you need at least a few days to recover from the fight.

4. No god-modding. If you are going to fight, then don't write posts like this. "*name* picked up the wolf with his/her fangs and slung him/her across the meadow." Be realistic.

5. Posts must be at least three sentences long.

6. No double posting.

7. Watch your language many people maybe fine with it. However, there are others who are not. Further, do not bring any religious elements into the RP.

8. Please do not take what happens in the RolePlay personally. It is only for fun.

9. Never disrespect another member or guest.

10. You may only have one wolf in the Rp. Because this gets confusing if we have one person rping 3 different wolves.

11. Post only with your wolf never Rp using someone else's. Unless you get permission from them first.

12. If you use a couple words in a different language in RP, please include a translation so everyone knows what you said!
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RolePlay Rules
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